Monday, May 28, 2012

Ginger Biscuits with Candied Rhubarb

Strawberry shortcake is all over picnic tables. I love strawberries: their plumping red hearts herald summer’s beginning every year. I’m still that grinning 2-year-old with a mouth full of mashed berry.

But this year I’m also a rhubarb girl.

I think it started a couple of weeks ago at the farmer’s market. Those brilliant red stalks, stacked high like culinary tinker toys, spoke of new desserts. I made a lot of biscuits for those stalks until I found a method that finally worked. All my biscuit trials over the years came to this: the gluten-free vegan ginger biscuit, designed for a candied rhubarb crown. It’s like strawberry shortcake grew up and bought a leopard-print bra.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rudi's Gluten-Free Tortillas

You’ve made quesadillas and wraps from corn tortillas and they’re good in their own way. You’ve eaten Trader Joe’s brown rice tortillas and they have nice flavor, even if the texture calls to mind a sort of crispy wonton. You even indulge occasionally in La Tortilla Factory’s Sonoma gluten-free wraps, fashioned from teff and so delicious you’ll forgive their delicate nature and breakage.

These tortillas are adolescents compared to Rudi’s newest product. They’ve raised their gluten-free tortillas right.

Delicate and soft, Rudi’s tortillas remain springy and durable in the face of Wrap and Quesadilla Challenges. They’re the closest thing to a real flour tortilla I’ve tasted and frankly I prefer these over wheat flour tortillas because Rudi’s packed them full of flavorful whole grains. Each variety of tortilla is based on a mixture of sorghum, brown rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa, millet, and teff flours. They’re even free of soy—something La Tortilla Factory’s Sonoma wraps cannot boast—if you forgive that they’re made in a facility that uses soy. The only drawback is the presence of xanthan and guar gums, which I can personally overlook so long as I avoid indulging in too many at once. (Difficult. After first tasting them, I popped them into the freezer for storage. I’ve opened and closed the freezer no fewer than 6 times in the past 24 hours just to, well, gaze at them.)

Try these for yourself.

I haven’t found them locally yet, but I usually see Rudi’s newest products hit Seattle’s Whole Foods stores first, so look for all three flavors there.

That's a wrap.
(Alright, so it cracked halfway through the meal. Only a little crack. And I still finished it, licking every last tasty morsel off my fingers, no fork required.)