Monday, April 30, 2012

Thai Coconut Curried Eggs

Portland is a good city for discoveries. We drove down last weekend for SCAA (excellent), but my mind wasn't buzzing with coffee on the drive home. We wandered into the Spice and Tea Exchange and I came away with new spices and new ideas.

This Coconut Thai Blend is my new favorite toy.

Thai Coconut Curried Eggs? Yes, please. A little coconut milk, some of this handy packet of goodness, a dash salt, and a healthy squirt of sriracha and I've got a unique riff on deviled eggs.

I made these specially for my friend's baby shower; she's been rather obsessed with Thai food. They evaporated, but not before making a rather adventurous 5-year-old burst into tears. It's best to post a warning about the sriracha.

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